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Interior and exterior sun-films offer you a unique protection against heat and high heat. Another significant advantage of the film is the reduced cost of energy. Anti-sun films are designed to reduce the amount of solar radiation through window glass, is designed to a wide range of types and shades of sun film.

Maximum protection against heat, offer especially films that are treated with "reflective coating" which increases reflection of the film. Reflective coating absorbs solar energy, thereby reducing the direct transfer of heat into the room.

Our company works with global suppliers who offer the highest quality window film market (LLumar, SUNCONTROL, GLOBAL WINDOW FILMS), which contributes to the quality of the product and reasonable price. Sun films also include a UV protective layer that prevents harmful UV rays. UV protection is built into the adhesive film itself, provides longevity as well as sufficient protection against fading of your furniture or office equipment.

Most of the window film is protected by a filter resistant to abrasion and minor scratches, while providing long life and maintains the look of film.

Benefits of sun foil:

  • Prevents "prying eyes", while giving you a sense of privacy throughout the day
  • It provides the advantage of "visual representations" through diversification, and shades of colour film
  • Energy savings: reduce cooling costs by up to 30%
  • Captures up to 99% of UV rays, so your curtains, carpets, upholstery and all devices are protected against UV radiation
  • Increases personal safety, improve quality of life and improve the quality of work.
  • They are easy to use, durable and offer an affordable alternative
  • At higher temperatures provides shady, unbearable heat throughput is minimized, resulting in a nice "air-conditioned environment."

Sun interior film:

  • M 20 - 20 PS HC SILVER - Silver (This film is like a typical "mirror" is suitable for offices, shops, warehouses and so on. prevents the view from one side and creates a "mirror" that provide only one-sided view of the interior of the building. )
  • M 30 - 30 PS HC SILVER - Silver (the strongest film of the "mirror effect)
  • M 50 - 50 PS HC SILVER - Silver This "mirror" the film is suitable for offices, shops, shop windows and can be applied to object to the denial of perspective
  • B M 10 - 10 HP BRONZESILVER HC - bronze - silver This film creates a nice and cosy atmosphere in the shade of brown that perfectly matches the exterior of your home
  • GL M 15 - 15 HP GOLDSILVER HC - yellow - blue "mirror" film, the outer colour of gold, silver inside
  • M 15 G - 15 GREYSILVER PS HC - gray - silver
  • M 15 G - 15 GREYSILVER PS HC - gray - silver
  • M 10 GN - GREENSILVER 10 PS HC - green silver
  • UV PROTECTION 1 - a clear, colourless (foil reduces 99.5% of harmful UV rays)

Sun exterior (outdoor) film:

They are used when the object is in thermal windows, or it is a larger glass area. Foil with special properties can be applied to the outside of the windows (exterior). They are more effective than interior film, given that the suns rays (including heat) are reflected before they reach the inside of the glass (air gap between the window glass). Film designed for outdoor protection, is also used on glass, windows, skylights, which is not possible application of interior foil.
  • M 20 XT - SILVER EXTERIOR 20 (exterior) - glossy black silver (weather resistant)
  • M 35 XT - SILVER EXTERIOR 35 (exterior) - glossy black silver (weather resistant)
  • XT B M 10 - 10 BRONZESILVER EXTERIOR (exterior) - silver-brown

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