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We offer original and custom made stickers for your car, tuning and advertising stickers on individual body parts, also advertising through which you can take your surroundings and improve the rating (response) your company or product ...

We offer:

  • Tuning custom car decals
  • Promotional stickers car
  • Production of stickers
  • Distribution of brand 3M carbon foil
  • Production of original t-shirts

Are you a fan of tuning cars? We offer you to design, consultancy and implementation of customized stickers for your car, so to ensure its uniqueness. Wide range of colours, shapes and sizes of plate to ensure originality and distinction.

Stickers can be applied to different types of surface on any car body parts, from metal, glass to aluminium parts, which ensures visibility in any case. Ideas, as well as photos of our work can be seen in our photo-gallery. If you have any questions or suggestions contact us, we answer all your questions.

Martin Krištály
Jabloňová 12
960 01
0908 / 867 310
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