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Is safety the priority for your home? We offer excellent protection against theft or damage to your apartment, home or office. One solution is the possibility of application of security film offers you a perfect security against intruder undesirable persons or damage to any object. The glass area of windows or doors is the most common site of penetration into the building by undesirable people, since they can easily penetrate the barrier. Way to protect the glass of the windows and doors against breakage, the application of security film. Installation and replacement of safety glasses is very expensive, therefore the most appropriate security solution for building glass surfaces application of security film. Another advantage is the security film discreet, thus not restricted view in, or out of the house and also does not attract unwanted attention.

Benefits of safety films:

  • It significantly reduces the number of injuries and damages caused by shards of broken glass, splinters and broken glass stop a full glass surface increases the resistance
  • Protects against 99% of harmful UV rays, reducing the possibility of fading of furniture, textiles and upholstery, while providing an optically clear and clean look to the object on which the safety film applied
  • Hard and durable protective films are available with the top layer of scratch-resistant
  • Protection against broken glass in full
  • Discourage potential pests

Security films:

  • 4 miles (135 um) - (least protection)
  • 8 miles (260 um) - (mean level of protection)
  • 12 miles (360 um) - (highest level of protection, providing capacity for up to 23 kg cm square)

Examples of an attempt to break the glass with applied safety film

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