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AIRBRUSH is the most complete tool for applying colour with maximum precision. It is the fastest technique, which allows images provide finer finish and solve the problem of capturing shadows and gradients. AIRBRUSH creates an optical illusion of a third dimension, which is becoming popular in society, especially among fans of "Custom Painting" bikes, cars and trucks. AIRBRUSH deposition technique is literally paint air brush, which plays a key role mixing ratio of air with colour. Nowadays, we are using spray guns to control double acting independently. It allows you to change the printed volume of air and manner regardless of the colour itself. The size of the gun attachments Airbrushes ranges from 0.15 mm for very precise work, to large openings for colouring of the larger areas. Manufacturers offer many quality Airbrushes. / I am using only Japanese brand IWATA /. When working with an airbrush is a major factor as well as creativity, talent and patience. A lot of work but saving knowledge of procedures covering colours to create different effects such as spraying a real fire, where the final effect is applied and through ten layers of different shades. They form the illusion of space and depth of image. This is of course also need knowledge about the behaviour of the colours, what helps us to study the works of world champions in the airbrush. On completion of the effects of the spray guns are used in addition to various template curves, rulers, paint brushes to create sharp edges, as the spray paint sprayed. This means we can deliver such impressive designs. The final painting of the overlap of several layers of transparent paint, which combines all the colours into one unit and will also create a protective layer against damage theme.

I believe that technique AIRBRUSH reach boom in Slovakia and I am delighted that I can be a part of.

AIRBRUSH: Martin Krajč
Tel. kontakt: 0910 349 646

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